Family Composite Drawing

Hey everyone. Its been awhile! I'm recently back from vacation.

Here's an old one that I had not been posted yet. It's a fun one because the reference photographs were separate so everyone was brought together in one drawing.


Father and Son Drawing

Hi Everyone,

Here is another one of my latest drawings of father and son. Looking forward to showing you more soon!


Horse and Girl Drawing

Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy few weeks and I have been drawing quite a bit after a little break in September! I am now entering into the busy Christmas season so I will be drawing quite a lot but will not be able to post much until after the gifts are given for this year :)

I thought I would just share with you a drawing commission that I recently did. I don't often get to draw horses so I really enjoyed doing this one and am very happy with how it turned out. Also, it is nice opportunity to draw a face looking inwards instead of forwards. I think there is a very gentle look to this drawing.I am looking forward to doing more drawings with this sort of feel to it :)


Dog graphite pencil drawing

 Happy Canada day everyone! Here is my most recent commission. Its 6 x 6" in graphite pencil.


Persian Cats Drawing!

Hi All, I just wanted to show you a recent drawing commission that I did of two beautiful prize winning Silver Shaded Persian cats! They come from Mission Hill cattery in Kelowna, British Columbia.

This is not the first set of cats that I have done...see Spike and Pepper here!

Baby Drawing Work in Progress!

Starting drawing the second place baby photo to drawing contest winner! She's a very beautiful little girl. So far the drawing is very soft. you may remember this face from a drawing I did of her when she was younger (seen below).

work in progress!

same little girl as a younger baby


Drawing Baby Maria Finale!

The drawing of baby Maria is all finished!
You can see the finale of the drawing process here:

More babies and other portraits coming soon...

see baby # 2 1st work in progress

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Drawing Baby Maria Videos

I've made two videos so far of the drawing process of baby Maria, winner of the Baby Photo to Drawing contest that I had last week. Hopefully the third will be the final installment!

The first video is just under 5 minutes long and the second is just under 2 minutes long. As I learn how to do this my videos will probably be getting shorter!

Click the links below to check them out :)

Drawing Baby Maria - Part 1

Drawing Baby Maria - Part 2


Baby Photo to Drawing Contest Winners!

Hi Everyone,

The baby photo to drawing contest has ended and its time to announce the winners!!

I thank-you all very much for your participation, especially those who took the time to enter a baby photo into the contest! To show my appreciation, All entrants can claim $10.00 off a custom pencil portrait using the photo that they entered into the contest.

You were the ones in charge of choosing the winners to the contest, as it was vote based, so the winner is the entrant with the most votes. This is probably a good thing because I would have a very hard time choosing between such beautiful baby photos!
1st Place - Maria with her Buckle

The first place winner of the contest with the most votes is Paula from CBS, Newfoundland with her adorable photo of  "Maria with her Buckle." Paula wins an 8 x 10" graphite portrait drawing created from her photo. I will attempt to film the drawing process in time-elapse to share with you all. See part one of the filming here!

The runners up are Hiba from Richmond, British Columbia with her beautiful photo of "Nour" and Jen from St. John's with her lovely photo of  "Gwen - 2 weeks old." The runners up will receive 5 x 7" drawings of their photos (when time permits!!) Once again I will attempt to film these time-elapse if my first attempt is successful.

Runner Up "Nour"
Runner Up "Gwen- Two Weeks Old"

Again thank you all very much for your participation! and come visit me again at  and for more updates :) you can also contact me via email: kylasportraitplace (at)

Have a happy weekend!!


Babies Photo to Drawing Contest!

Hi Everyone, I am starting a contest that ends on May 15th. Submit your baby photos and Vote for your favorites to win a free custom pencil portrait by me. All entrants will receive $5 off a custom portrait and I will film the drawing of  the winning photo in time elapse! Click the link to enter and/or vote for your favorites! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems ;)
Babies Photo to Drawing Contest!

Spike and Pepper - Cats Pencil Portrait Drawing!

I loved drawing Spike and Pepper. They look like real little characters to me

Master Ryan - a recent commission.

Hi Everyone I just thought I would share a recent drawing commission that I did of  a teacher who taught in Chapels Cove, Newfoundland at the Knights of Columbus from the 1940s to 50s. As a teacher there he would have been called Master Ryan.

The drawing was a gift for his granddaughter, Crystal, who did not own a photograph of her grandfather.

The drawing process was quite interesting because, instead of having a photograph to work from, I had another artist's previous painting for reference. It was challenging because I had to assume that the original artwork was an accurate representation of him, so I had to keep many of the elements the same, but I also had to inject some more realism and my own style into it as well.

The final work is graphite, as per usual, and 8 x 10".


Newest Comission

Hi Everyone, here is my latest commission. Its surprising but its my first time for a commission with glasses!

Dynamic layout

I'm trying a new website layout. Its one of the dynamic templates provided by Blogger. If you have some time let me know what you think of it compared to the old layout. Thank you for visiting!!

Prom drawing

Hi Everyone,

I thought that I would share my most recent portrait drawing with you.I just snapped this photo with my phone before dropping it off, so the image quality could be a little clearer.

Anyhow, its done in graphite, as per usual, in 8 x 10" size and is a prom date photo of a couple who have been married for many years now.

It was a lot of fun to draw and thanks for stopping in to check it out!

That's all for now!


Textured squares painting

Hi Everyone,

Haven't had much to share with you lately. I've been working on 5 commissions, but all are top secret!

So instead I'll show you a textured squares painting I recently did for my own house. Its quite simple, but I used all of the colors that are on the walls so that I can decide what room to put it in later on.

Currently its in my kitchen but I might move it around to see where it is best.



Hi all,
Just wanted to give you a little update. I've been working on a couple of projects now. However, I have moved and will not have home internet for a couple of weeks, so my access is limited. Will try to check in with you all when I can!



This is my final portrait of 2012 completed on new years eve. She was a friend of my mothers who passed away in 2002.