One of the reasons I live in Westminster is because of the favorable climate. I do enjoy the seasons. On rare occasion, the weather can wreak havoc on my trees and that’s when I know to contact Westminster Tree Care (www.westminstertreecare.com.)

I live pretty close to Standley Lake Regional Park and have a wonderful crop of trees . . . some Blue Spruce, Bristlecone Pine and Douglas-fir trees. When the bad windstorm came through on August 19th last year, it really messed up the trees.


Perfectly healthy limbs up to two inches thick were haphazardly snapped right off by the 65 mph wind gusts. I was able to pick up some of the smaller branches but there were many larger ones that were tangled up so much is was hard for me.

Yes folks, yours truly Kyla Hynes is getting older! I looked through Google to see what tree service might be able to help me. I found Westminster Tree Care at their simple address of www.westminstertreecare.com. And…well, they seemed like a pretty good company so I decided to give them a try.

I’m so glad I did!

If you live in Westminster, then you know we get about half the rain than most cities in the United States. You also know we get about double the snow in the wintertime! Some trees thrive in this type of climate but wind and occasionally disease are a source of trouble for your beautiful trees.

Westminster Tree Care sent out their representative right away, literally within minutes of me contacting them. I already had an idea of what it would cost from using the cost calculator on their website (www.westminstertreecare.com) so I knew what to expect.

After the job boss walked through my property (I have five acres) he called in a second truck with a trailer and several nice young men. In minutes they had fired up a couple of chainsaws and were policing my yard with their expert professionalism.