Wednesday, October 16

Father and Son Drawing

Hi Everyone,

Here is another one of my latest drawings of father and son. Looking forward to showing you more soon!

Saturday, October 5

Horse and Girl Drawing

Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy few weeks and I have been drawing quite a bit after a little break in September! I am now entering into the busy Christmas season so I will be drawing quite a lot but will not be able to post much until after the gifts are given for this year :)

I thought I would just share with you a drawing commission that I recently did. I don't often get to draw horses so I really enjoyed doing this one and am very happy with how it turned out. Also, it is nice opportunity to draw a face looking inwards instead of forwards. I think there is a very gentle look to this drawing.I am looking forward to doing more drawings with this sort of feel to it :)

Monday, July 1

Dog graphite pencil drawing

 Happy Canada day everyone! Here is my most recent commission. Its 6 x 6" in graphite pencil.

Sunday, June 16

Persian Cats Drawing!

Hi All, I just wanted to show you a recent drawing commission that I did of two beautiful prize winning Silver Shaded Persian cats! They come from Mission Hill cattery in Kelowna, British Columbia.

This is not the first set of cats that I have done...see Spike and Pepper here!

Sunday, June 2

Baby Drawing Work in Progress!

Starting drawing the second place baby photo to drawing contest winner! She's a very beautiful little girl. So far the drawing is very soft. you may remember this face from a drawing I did of her when she was younger (seen below).

work in progress!

same little girl as a younger baby